It’s All Falling Apart

It’s that time of the year for me…the time when I want to pull my hair out because I feel like everything is falling apart. Tax season arrives, I make big plans…a huge chunk to savings, a tablet for the family, new tires for the truck, and a mini 1 night away vacation.

Then it all goes straight down the toilet. Literally that is what is this year because the first thing on the tax money spending agenda is fixing the broken plumbing.  The toilet line to the septic tank is collapsing thanks to a huge tree with roots growing over it, the kitchen faucet broke a few days ago leaving me with only cold water (thank goodness for the dishwasher!), and I woke up to find a beauty of a crack in the bathroom sink that no one can explain.

*insert eyeroll here*

Our vehicles have also decided they want a break from their daily duties as well. The Blazer is in drastic need of a new wheel bearing, and Ben will be fixing that this afternoon. That’s only because he needs a way to get to work tonight, and the Duramax decided we don’t need 4th or 5th gear this week. *sigh* At least it’s just a sensor on the tranny, but it’s a really expensive dealership only sensor. Of course it’s almost $200 cheaper if you get it from an authorized Allison distributor instead of the Chevy dealorship, but we don’t have one of those in our area.

Then there are the electronics in the house. The remote to the cable box went kaput, and I keep forgetting to call Charter about a new one. then the dishwasher started acting up, the door latch on the dryer snapped off, and last but not least my motherboard in my pc went boom when the power flipped yesterday. Mind you the flickering and flipping power during the snow storm didn’t phase it. No, it waited until I sat down to work yesterday. I’m currently stuck blogging and working from my phone (thank you Droid 4 keyboard for making it easier to type out long posts), but even my phone has decided to be screwy today.

So yeah, I’m quite frustrated with it all right now, but I’m reminding myself it’s not all that bad. We’ve got a roof over our heads, food on the table, heat to keep us warm, and the tax funds to fix it all at once. I’m thankful everything didn’t decide to break 2 months ago when we were really in a pinch.


At the end of 2013 I was thrown a major curve ball in life.  The last 2 months have brought out all kinds of emotions in me, pain, sadness, major heartbreak, forgiveness.   The list could go on, and each emotion has brought forth a new stage of my life, a new level of strength I didn’t know I had.

Now that I’m feeling better pro tools at Musicians friend that I promised I’d get for my bff, and maybe I’ll get to actually relax a little this evening when she comes over.  It’s nice to have my friend back in my life and someone to talk to other than my husband and kids.


That Sums It Up

If you asked me to sum up how we have all been in one word that would be easy…sick. We’ve all been battling a nasty viral cold off and on for weeks, and it’s made it hard to do much of anything. It started at Thanksgiving when Ben came home from work with it. His cold eventually turned into broncitis, and he’s just now getting over that.  Ellie got a mild version of the cold the week after Thanksgiving, but thankfully hers cleared up pretty quickly.

The week before Christmas Aubrey came down with a cough and Ben ended up with round 2 of high fever and viral cold. We woke up Christmas morning to find Santa brought Aubrey a fever to go along with her presents under the tree. She battled a nasty cold for a week that turned into her first ear infection. About the time she started feeling better she decided to pass her cold onto Mommy, so I spent New Year’s Eve curled up on the couch battling my own fever while Ben and Ellie shot fireworks.

I was hoping to knock the cold out of myself quickly, but here it is still lingering 10 days later.  As soon as I start to feel better and think I’m getting over it it hits me again. I’ve felt great the last few days, but I woke up this morning feeling like I’ve got a huge lump in my throat. It’s not sore, but it’s scratchy, gritty, and feels like I swallowed a golf ball. UGH. Hopefully we’ll eventually get this sickness knocked out of here once and for all!

Dreaming Of Sleep

As I sit here uploading photos to Shutterfly so I can take advantage of a $50 gift card I have I’m browsing used dj equipment in search of a specific Pioneer CDJ turntable my bro-in-law wants. That’s not what I wish I could be doing, though.  I wish I could be curled up nice and cozy in my bed snoozing away, but my girls have different plans for me.  Both of them are still awake fighting me tooth and nail tonight, so I finally gave up.

I’m letting Ellie watch a movie, and Aubrey is in her bassinet kicking away.    Aubrey has become quite the night owl, and that means I haven’t slept much at all lately.  It’s beginning to take a toll on me.  If they aren’t asleep by the time Ben gets home I’m giving up and leaving him to deal with him while I finally get some rest!

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