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Decorate Your Home With A Striking Cowhide Rug

To enhance the style of your home and increase its appeal, a striking cowhide rug can be used to decorate in each room on the property. Cowhide rugs can be used at the foot of the bed or near a lounge chair for an incredible way of having a statement piece that looks natural and high-end. When you’re considering decorating your home with the rug, there are a few benefits to incorporating it into the setting.

Various Styles
Cowhide rugs are available in a variety of styles and prints, which can allow you to create a custom look in your home with a feature that blends in well with the surrounding decor. There are also a number of color shades available, which makes it easy to choose a unique rug for your home that is specific to your taste. The product can look feminine, masculine, or even youthful with different designs that are sold.

The natural design of cowhide rugs allows it to be a decor item that can be used for several years without going out of style. You can enjoy incorporating a rustic and chic piece in the home to increase the quality of the space. The style of cowhide rugs has been a fixture in offices or homes for several decades and is still considered to be a contemporary item to own.


Due to the large selection of cowhide rugs that are available, the product can be used in a nursery or in a bedroom. It can also work as a regal addition in a home office when you want to include a masculine touch in the space.

Cowhide rugs are the perfect item to use on hardwood floors or tile to add extra warmth to bare floors. This can draw more attention to the floors and make the home feel cozy during the colder months out of the year.

Cowhide rugs can also be put on display on the wall for an incredible item to show off to your guests. Consider placing the rug above a fireplace mantle or over a bed, which will work as the focal point of the room and create a stunning visual. You can also place it in an entryway above a console table for a dramatic look.

The rugs can even be draped on the back of a lounge chair in your living room or on a glider in a baby’s nursery. This will add extra texture to the furniture item and can allow the home to look professionally decorated.


Many people suffer from allergies throughout the year due to dust and allergens that settle in rugs or carpets from outdoors. Modern Furniture Warehouse offers cowhide rugs that are hypo-allergenic and will prevent the residents from suffering from allergic reactions that can include respiratory issues.


Unlike faux rugs, cowhide rugs have a high level of durability and can maintain their beautiful appearance for several years or decades. The rug can be placed in an area that has a high level of traffic without wearing down or fraying. The product also has a minimal amount of upkeep and only requires that it’s shaken out or vacuumed each week to remove dirt or dust that accumulates. A washcloth and soap can be used to remove stains that develop.


Oh how I wish I could fall over in my bed and close my eyes. Yes, it really is only 7:47pm, but I’m absolutely beat. It’s been one heck of a weekend. First we had a Megabloks party sponsored by House Party. Then I had to rush off right after that to get the girls’ Christmas photos done. That would have been a complete disaster if the photos hadn’t turned out so well. We had a 4:50pm appointment at Portrait Innovations, and they were running so behind we didn’t make it behind a camera until almost 6pm. We walked out of the studio at 6:45pm and had to go back at 7:45 to pick up our photos. Yes, it was a mess!

Now that all of that is out of the way it’s time to start doing our actual shopping.  This year I’m trying to come up with gifts that are not just practical but creative as well.  Last year some friends of ours did things like calling around to find a carpet cleaner in concord nc for their Grandma who lives 500 miles away. They couldn’t be there for the holidays, but they made sure her carpets were free of the mess the other family members made during Christmas dinner. I thought that was a great gift, and it makes me want to make sure my gifts are all practical this year!

Shopping In Our Local Little Mexico

Today I had planned to load up the girls and venture out on our first shopping trip as just the 3 of us. Needless to say it didn’t happen.

Ellie, the non-napper, decided today was the day she actually felt like sleeping a bit. I got dressed and wandered in her room to find her curled up asleep on her bed. By the time she woke up from her nap the thrift store I wanted to visit was closed.

There is a new thrift store in what is considered the local Little Mexico block. It’s right between my favorite Mexican restaurant and the lawyer’s office with abogado de inmigracion on the door.  I thought today would be the perfect day to drop by there because I want to hit up the little Mexican grocery store there, too. It’s very small, like a bodega, but some Facebook friends were talking about Mexican Coke, so I want to see if they carry it.

I have my last ob/gyn checkup tomorrow in Greenville, so maybe we can venture out for our shopping trip on Friday. We’ll just have to see how things go.

Fifty Shades of Blah

Have you ever picked up a book because everyone is raving about it only to realize you find it totally boring?  Yep, that’s me right now, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Fifty Shades of Grey is boring me.  Maybe it’s that I haven’t gotten to the good parts yet, but I’m having a hard time concentrating on finishing it because I’m not drawn to the book.

I actually stopped reading earlier when Ben asked me to look to see if I could find any new cigar deals for him, and every time I’ve tried to pick it back up I’ve changed my mind. It’s just not drawing me in like most books do.  Maybe it’s the horrible writing style, or the fact that I’m getting really annoyed by the repetitive lip chewing and blushing…I don’t now.  It’s just not what I expected from a book I’ve heard so much about.  Maybe I should’ve read the Amazon reviews before I picked up the book because it seems like a lot of people agree with me.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? If so what did you think about the book?

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