Dreaming Of Sleep

As I sit here uploading photos to Shutterfly so I can take advantage of a $50 gift card I have I’m browsing used dj equipment in search of a specific Pioneer CDJ turntable my bro-in-law wants. That’s not what I wish I could be doing, though.  I wish I could be curled up nice and cozy in my bed snoozing away, but my girls have different plans for me.  Both of them are still awake fighting me tooth and nail tonight, so I finally gave up.

I’m letting Ellie watch a movie, and Aubrey is in her bassinet kicking away.    Aubrey has become quite the night owl, and that means I haven’t slept much at all lately.  It’s beginning to take a toll on me.  If they aren’t asleep by the time Ben gets home I’m giving up and leaving him to deal with him while I finally get some rest!

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