My Aching Back

I woke up this morning with my back absolutely killing me.  I don’t really know what triggered the back pain this time, but I would really love for it to go away.  When my lower back hurts like this I have a hard time getting up and moving, and that’s not good when I’ve got two kids to take care of.

Ben pulled me up out of bed, and I’m walking slowly.  I’m not looking forward to facing the stairs at my Grandparent’s house.  Oh how I wish they had one of those stairlifts like our old church used to have to help the elderly people go up and down the stairs. It made a world of difference for the ones that had a hard time walking in the building much less up a huge flight of stairs.  When my daddy was one of the church ushers, long before the church installed the stairlift, he would often throw out his back from carrying some of the little old ladies up the stairs!

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