Keeping Up With The Shueys

Busy busy busy! Isn’t that what I seem to always say?  Well, I was sadly mistaken if I thought things before 2 kids was busy because I’m really really busy now!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though.  I mean, come on.  I get to spend everyday with these two beautiful gals, so how could I ever want to trade my life for anything else?

Elliana and Aubrey

My Babies

I do miss sitting down to blog and extra time to work, but I can deal without all the other stuff I used to do online. Most of the forums I used to frequent were getting old anyway. I got tired of all the bickering going on, especially when things were way off topic. Like a couple people on the Duramax forum might be arguing over whether the guy who got bit while being mean to the neighbor’s dog should look into san diego dog bite lawyers. Seriously, things would get way off topic like that, and I got tired of it.

As always I would love to sit here and ramble on and on about nothing in particular, but I hear the cries of a hungry 5 week old erupting from the pack n play!

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