37 Weeks!

As my due date nears things have definitely been a lot more hectic around here.  All the back and forth to the doctor an hour away twice a week has quickly contributed to draining the bank account, so I’ll be thankful when that’s over and done with!

Speaking of financials I’ve had a very very hard time concentrating on work this week.  I honestly admit I haven’t accomplished anything in the last few days.  Ben’s new job is going well, and I’m glad for that.  We would be royally screwed if we had to rely on me this week.  That reminds me I do need to make myself a note to check out the cheap business card printing at zooprinting.com. His need updating since he has completely changed career paths, but with this pregnancy brain fog I’ll never remember to do so if I don’t write myself a sticky note right now.

*note done*

Other than that not much has changed around here.  I’m 37 weeks + 5 days today, so I’ve made it farther through this pregnancy than anyone including my doctors thought I would.  If little Miss Aubrey doesn’t decide to arrive on her own by  Tuesday we’re going to finalize an induction date.  We want her to stay in as long as possible , but it’s safer to control my induction with the VBAC and bp issues.

Anywho, my eyes are wondering to the mess on the floor, so I think it’s time to give up the pc and get some cleaning done.  The nesting is in full force these days, and if I have to look at another dust bunny it’s going to drive me insane!

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