Thinking Of The Victims

After yesterday’s bombing in Boston I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I sat up thinking about what happened, those poor souls who lost their lives, and the many who were injured.  I contemplated what kind of person(s) it takes to do something so horrible, and I can’t fathom the inhumanity.

This morning as I read the CNN news story about 8 year old Martin Richard, currently the youngest reported victim of the tragic attack, I hugged my own daughter close.  I can’t imagine what his family is dealing with.  I thought of his father, a marathon runner who had no idea his race day would be spoiled by tragedy, his 8 year old son dead, 6 year old daughter hospitalized with a leg amputation, and a wife with a brain injury.  My heart breaks for this family and the others like them.

While we all go about our lives in the coming days, weeks, and even months let us not forget those who lost lives, those who were injured, and those who have a long recovery ahead.  While my biggest task of the day may be to remember to pick up my medication refills and a new plunger to fix the clogged kitchen sink I can’t forget those who will be struggling to do the simplest things like talking to loved ones.  I’m adding those affected by this tragedy to my prayer list and placing them in God’s hands.



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