Spring You Say?

Brr!  So much for a warm start to Spring!  Ellie and I are sitting here by the wood stove hovering around the warmth of the first fire I’ve built in 2 weeks.  I think Spring decided to tease us by showing up a little early then letting Winter come back for a few days.

As long as we don’t get hit with any late snow we’ll be ok.  I want to get some stuff planted in my gardening pots on the porch, but I don’t want to worry about them freezing because of a late snow.  The way things have gone this year I think that’s a non-issue, but late frost may be a possibility.  Maybe I should make sure we’ve got enough room in the utility room to bring the pots inside if we have another 25 degree night like we did last night.

Otherwise I just need to figure out what I’m going to plant where and get started.  Ellie wants broccoli, but I didn’t get a chance to start any on my own this year.  We’ll have to swing by Papa Clyde’s house to see if he did.  If not I guess I’ll have to hit up the flea market for some started plants.  I can’t wait to get her outside and digging in those pots.  Hopefully we can get that started this weekend, but for now we’re going to sit here with our hot chocolate and fire!

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