It should seriously be a crime to be this cold and nasty without a nice coating of snow on the ground.  Instead we’re stuck with a yucky coating of ice.  Yeah, it’s still frozen precipitation, but as Ellie informed me it’s not the same if she can’t make a snowman out of it.  Ah, the logic of a 3 year old.

It wouldn’t be so bad for me if my new blood pressure meds weren’t making me frozen to the bone to begin with.  Throw in nasty below freezing weather, and I want to go hibernate until June.  With the guy 2 houses down playing his bass guitar so loud I can hear it and Ellie being in a foul mood I can’t sleep for an hour much less ’til June.  I guess this means I better go warm myself up with another bowl of potato soup.  I made a huge batch this morning, and I can’t stop eating it!

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