Rain Rain Go Away

Another 8-9 days of rain?  Geeze can we get a break already?  I really shouldn’t be complaining because we really haven’t had a lot of rain here lately, but a week and 1/2 straight can really start to get to a girl, ya know?

Mostly the rain just keeps me feeling like crap.  I know a lot of people say thank goodness for the rain because it washes away the crap that’s causing their allergies, but I’m the exact opposite.  When the rain shows up so does the sneezing, the itchy eyes, and the scratchy throat.  I cough, hack, and blow my nose almost constantly. 

Throw that all together with the fact that today just started off on the wrong foot, and you’ve got yourself a me in a bad mood.  I haven’t heard from Hubby yet today, but I have a feeling he’s not doing much better.  We both woke up with a jolt this morning to the dog barking uncontrollably because my FIL was banging on the door.  It seems none of the 3 alarms we set last night managed to go off, and Hubby was running extremely late for work. 

Thank goodness his dad rides to work with him or there’s no telling what time he would have woken up.  When Hubby’s day starts off on the wrong foot it sets the tone for everything else, so I’m sure he’ll come home in an even worse mood. 

I think I need to sit back in my chair and take a virtual vacation for a few minutes.  I’ll close my eyes and daydream I’m strolling down Fort Walton beach far away from home without all this rain or a care in the world. Hey I need something to brighten this day up a bit, and the weather sure isn’t going to do it.

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